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Is your child struggling to have healthy, productive relationships?  Is your teen not able to build trusting relationships with family and peers?

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Parents interested in Elevations RTC are often looking for the top facility in the United States for developing positive peer interactions.  Students who attend Elevations RTC may have experienced peer victimization, or even have a history bullying others online or face-to-face.  Other parents are drawn to Elevations RTC because their child has difficulty making friends, or are socially withdrawn.

Because Elevations RTC is the only JCAHO accredited facility in the state of Utah that is Co-Ed, we are uniquely equipped to resolve even the most problematic social issues.  Our highly trained staff work as a team to redirect inappropriate behaviors and to teach successful and appropriate peer interaction.  Our specialty focus groups further each student’s insight into appropriate and successful peer relations.

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Any child who has completed treatment at Elevations RTC leaves with knowledge and tools necessary to develop positive, healthy peer relationships.  Our caring staff will guide each child and create opportunities to interact in a positive, pro-social way.  Each child then leaves with the memory of creating positive friendships and the know-how to transition these skills back home.


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