New Brain Map a Milestone in Understanding Mental Health Issues

Recently, a group of researchers came out with a new map of the brain which included almost 100 new regions of the brain–professionals across the globe are calling it a milestone in neuroscience. The New York Times published an article discussing what this new map of the brain means for understanding mental health issues and how to treat them more effectively.

How they did it

The researchers used complex artificial intelligence (AI) programs combined with advanced computers and scanners. The programs “learned” how to find the brain’s unknown regions by searching through and reviewing tons of data from a large number of subjects. This had been attempted before, just not on this large of a scale.

One step closer to understanding mental health issues

These brain maps are used as guides to better understand how we develop as humans, how diseases form in the brain, and how disorders can affect our minds and be treated. Every bit of information concerning how the brain works helps in further understanding mental health issues–this is more than a “bit” of information, this is a huge chunk of it. Researchers consider this only the beginning, as they collect more data, they hope the map gets even more complex and clear.

Understanding how different pieces of the brain function and interact with other areas can help in discovering new ways to treat and handle disorders and diseases that affect the mind. The researchers hope this brain map will not only help us gain a clearer picture of why we act the way we do, but also help us in understanding mental health and how it’s affected by different factors.

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