On the Right Track: Boosting Teen Self Esteem

Teens have it rough. Everything they’re experiencing is brand new – tumultuous emotions and general hormonal craziness make life extremely difficult to get through for many teens. Your teen is probably being pressured by their peers to behave and dress a certain way and it’s most likely taking a toll on them. Your child’s teen self esteem is at an all time low. As their parent, it’s your job to help them.

Knowing the signs of low teen self esteem

Low teen self esteem comes in many forms. Knowing whether or not your teen is dealing with self esteem issues is easily detectable. If your teen is easily influenced by his or her peers, blaming others for his or her shortcomings or putting down their talents or abilities, they’re probably having some issues with teen self esteem.

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Building them up

Results of a 2008 study, by the University of California Davis and the University of Illinois Champaign, concluded that having low self esteem made teenagers less emotionally resilient and more likely to develop depression as young adults.

To avoid depression and anxiety later on in life, here are some tips to help boost your child’s teen self esteem:

  • Praise them. Make sure you’re praising your teen, not only for accomplishments, but also for effort. Teens with low self esteem might feel awkward receiving praise. In that case, compliment them sparingly and only when it’s actually sincere. Teens can tell when you’re just trying to make them feel good.
  • Encourage their passions. Showing support for your teen’s interests will boost their confidence and teen self esteem, as well as make them feel like they have someone on their side.
  • Provide them with constructive criticism. Don’t be demeaning or overly critical. Give them sound advice, without stepping on their toes. This will help them make good decisions, which leads to better teen self esteem.
  • Be a good role model. Address problems with a positive outlook, and display a sense of self confidence. Your child will never be able to boost their teen self esteem if you’re consistently pessimistic and doubtful of your own abilities.

Finding help

If your child continues to have low teen self esteem, seek professional help. There are therapists specifically trained to help teens boost their self esteem. If your child is acting out due to their teen self esteem, whether that be through substance use or any other means, consider sending them to a residential treatment center.

Elevations RTC is a great option for treating your teen with low self esteem. Elevations RTC utilizes intensive psychiatric care to help teens, ages 13-17, get back on the right track.

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