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Our Values | Restoring Troubled Teens


The Elevations RTC staff are highly experienced, helping countless families and students since 1996. Because of the high rate of success our team has experienced over the years, we have a strong foundation in our philosophy and program goals. Elevations RTC is committed to providing excellent care for adolescents who need emotional and behavior support in order to be successful and happy.


At Elevations Residential Treatment Center, we feel that collaboration between our departments is essential to student success. This team approach where clinical, residential, and academic teams collaborate is one reason a residential treatment center like Elevations can be so powerful.


At Elevations RTC, we believe in empowering our students with the skills needed to live a healthy and successful life. Teaching our students effective communication and self-advocacy skills that will benefit their future is a top priority. Our staff often utilize “in the moment” teaching strategies to help students differentiate between communication that is effective and noneffective.


Elevations is a secure facility that is licensed by The Joint Commission and the Utah Department of Human Services. Our buildings were designed and built with the safety of our students in mind. We have three buildings and a closed campus. Students’ whereabouts are monitored by staff at all times.


It is vital that our students stay connected with their families and that student, family, and staff work together to create healthier, more productive communication and relationships. At Elevations, we work hard to provide our students with an experience that allows them to stay connected through weekly phone calls, weekly family therapy sessions, parent seminars, and visits with family.

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