Overcoming Fear: Five Ways To Help Anxiety Disorder In Teens

Mild anxiety seems to come as part and parcel of the teen-aged experience. Kids can experience stress, worry, or teen angst–as it is often called–when they face any number of obstacles that line and define their adolescent lives. These could include tests at school, peer pressure, bullies, and familial expectations of their behavior and scholastic performance.

Yet what happens when the anxiety rises to a level that it impairs the teen’s ability to lead a happy, productive life; resulting in emotional and perhaps even physical illness and profound emotional distress—if not out and out life disruption? What happens when teen angst morphs outright into teen anxiety?

Far too many teens know the answer to this question. Indeed, according to the website Do Something.Org, approximately 10 percent of teen-agers suffer from severe anxiety disorder. Yet as the parent of a teen struggling with anxiety disorder, here’s how you can help:

  1. Know the signs. Anxiety disorder comes complete with a whole host of physical and highly visible symptoms. If your teen exhibits shortness of breath, nausea, trembling, frequent headaches, rapid heartbeat, and/or dizziness, then chances are that they are indeed suffering from an anxiety disorder.
  2. Let your teen know that you are there for them. Inform your child that you always have the time to listen to their concerns, to talk to them, to offer them a warm hug and a comforting ear.
  3. Help your teen in the discovery of advanced relaxation techniques.  A whole host of activities can ease and soothe your teen’s anxiety, such as yoga, tai chi, listening to relaxing music, meditation, and deep breathing exercises.
  4. Never mock or minimize your teen’s anxiety. Sometimes teens stress out over things and situations that adults find trivial; especially if they happen to suffer from a genuine anxiety disorder. So if your kid is weeping profusely because a favorite rock band broke up or throwing up just before a big test, be sure to comfort and reassure them—as opposed to making light of or laughing at their problems.
  5. Get help. Only 1 in 5 teens suffering from anxiety receive professional treatment for their issues. Yet with the aid of a certified therapist or treatment program, the condition of anxiety is highly treatable—and curable.

Elevations can help

If your teen is struggling with an anxiety disorder, Elevations RTC may be an option your family should consider. We are a residential treatment center for teens ages 13-17 who struggle with emotional and behavioral challenges such as depression, anxiety, and defiance. Our program can provide the specialized therapeutic assistance your teen needs to find success.

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