Parenting Teens Struggling with Peer Pressure

parenting teens

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Parenting teens is a complicated and difficult job. Raising your teen can be challenging enough on it’s own without adding in the extra confusion of peer influence. The motivation of teens can be difficult to understand, so how can you really know if you child is thinking independently or if their actions are a product of peer pressure?

Peers influence peers

Teens are at an age where they feel out of place and awkward. The need to fit in and be a part of a group is stronger than ever. They crave validation, acceptance and any sign of having individual worth. These needs can be gratified from just about any source, but are especially desired from peers.

A peer is characterized as any individual of similar age, same social group, or shared interests.

Peer pressure leads to serious behavioral problems

Teens self-esteem and view of their self-worth rises and falls based on the opinions of friends and classmates. This need to fit in drives teens to act and think in ways that are encouraged by peers, whether positive or negative. When pressured, either verbally or nonverbally, teens are more likely to partake in activities that they normally wouldn’t. This has historically lead to serious behavioral problems, such as bullying, substance use/use, dishonesty (academic and otherwise), unsafe/reckless behaviors and more.

A publication by Parent Further states that of surveyed teens, 28 percent claim an improvement in social status as a result of giving in to peer pressure. The same study found that of surveyed teens, 46 percent admitted to teasing another person as a result of their friend teasing that person.

Teach the importance of independent thinking

The influence of others impacts your teen’s capacity for independent thought as well as their ability to make and understand personal decisions. Those are skills that are vital to effectively functioning as an adult. When parenting teens, part of your role is to teach them how to think for themselves, how to make decisions and the importance of their original thoughts.

Elevations RTC can help your teen

If your 13 to 17-year-old child is struggling with peer pressure and you think they need help, Elevations Residential Treatment Center can help. Elevation understands parenting teens struggling with peer pressure is hard. The intensive therapy programs help issues from socials problems, to drug use, to depression.

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