Parents May Need Therapeutic Support If Their Teen Is In Treatment

For teens undergoing residential treatment, we can’t stress the importance of parents having their therapeutic support enough. Whether your child is receiving help for an emotional disorder, substance use, mental health problems, or another underlying issue, Elevations RTC can bring comprehensive support to the whole family. 

Today, we’ll discuss the various resources, therapy, and support groups we have as options for parents of Elevations RTC teens. Keep reading to learn how you can better support your child by supporting yourself. 

Elevations RTC Online Resources for Parents of Teens

We offer a selection of resources and advice on our website for parents of teens that attend our residential treatment center. Whether you need tips on what to ask when touring our center or advice on how you can promote healthy development for your teens, we can assist you.

For insight into how parents can be more hands-on and aware of their teens’ treatment, check out our online interviews with Executive Clinical Director Jennifer Wilde and Executive Director Judi Jacques.

Elevations RTC Support for Parents of Teens

Elevations RTC also offers a variety of family experiences to include parents in the mental health journeys of their teen(s). The ultimate goal is not just to improve your child’s well-being but also to bring families back together through care, support, and guidance to repair bonds.

Depending on your child’s treatment plan, parents have access to one or more of the following support options. 

Parent Seminars

As a part of parental mental health outreach, Elevations also offers 2-day Parent Seminars. The idea is to work together as a family to help rebuild relationships that may be broken or damaged due to mental health struggles for either party involved. 

Many parents find that these seminars give them the much-needed tools to understand better their children’s challenges and their parental challenges. As a result, the sense of community and understanding leads to a better ability to overcome challenges as a family. 

These events occur roughly every eight weeks, involving both the students of all genders and their parents. We provide support via group sessions with other families and our professional staff members. 

New Parent Orientation

At Elevations RTC, we also offer support in the form of New Parent Orientation. This support system is one of the simplest and fastest ways for parents to understand their teens’ treatment journey.

At New Parent Orientation, you can meet the staff professionals working alongside you and your teens through the mental health treatment program. You can learn what goes on during the residential treatment process, as well as who will be treating your child from day to day.

Parent Connect and Parent DBT Training

A weekly virtual parent support group called Parent Connect is available to our parents and is facilitated by our Assistant Clinical Director, Jennifer Maddock.  It offers a space where our parents can support each other through the treatment process.

Jennifer Maddock also hosts a virtual Parent DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) Training where parents can learn more about the same therapy program their student is participating in.  We have seen great success in the family therapy process when the parents and students are on the same page with treatment.

Parent Visits

Finally, parents can get more familiar with residential treatment centers by visiting Elevations RTC. We coordinate parent visits with your teen’s treatment team so that you can arrive on campus and learn more. 

We also facilitate local overnight trips and at-home visits for those parents who can’t make it to campus. Including all families in the treatment process so that relationships can improve while your teen gets treatment.

Elevations RTC Blog Resources for Parents of Teens

Aside from our therapeutic sessions for parents and families, Elevations RTC provides many resources via blog. Our blog focuses on all areas of therapy, treatment, and other mental health topics that may be relevant to your teen(s). 

We encourage parents of our teens to use the blog to glean insight into the mental health challenges their children may be facing. Some of the topics our blog posts cover include, but are not limited to:

Becoming educated and informed on the struggles teens may face in their mental health journeys help build bridges between parents and children. These educational resources make it possible to learn about the world your teen is facing.

Elevations RTC offers a variety of resources and therapeutic support options for parents of teens in treatment. Participating in a new parent orientation, parent visits, parent seminars, virtual support groups, and family therapy can improve relationships

We can’t stress the importance of parents being educated and aware of how their child’s treatment affects their mental health. Make sure to explore the resources available to you as a parent to better support your child.

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