President Obama Sends Positive Message to LGBT Teens & Youth

On June 24, President Obama sent an extremely positive message to the LGBT teens and youth of the future. NPR reported that Obama declared nearly 8-acres in New York City not only part of the National Park System, but as the first monument to specifically highlight LGBT history in the US.

The Stonewall National Monument encompasses one of the most well-known LGBT landmarks: The Stonewall Inn. The Stonewall Inn is commonly thought of as the “birthplace of the modern gay rights movement” in the United States. This choice sends out support to LGBT teens, youth, and adults that may be struggling with accepting themselves or being accepted by others.

How this helps LGBT teens & youth

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, LGBT teens and youth are much more likely to experience mental health issues and bullying due to the anxiety around being accepted and misunderstandings among peers. The stress and anxiety surrounding coming out to family members and friends can drive LGBT teens to anxiety and depressive disorders.

When something as huge as an LGBT monument is declared by the President of the United States, it sends a clear message across the country: You are supported. It pushes people to further understand the struggles of LGBT teens and youth, creating a more positive and understanding view of them.

Calls for more action

Hopefully, a message as strong as this one will encourage parents, schools, and more to take action in helping LGBT teens and youth through their struggles. A supportive, accepting school environment goes a long way in decreasing depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health issues surrounding LGBT teens and youth.

More parents need to reach out to their child and explain that they’ll be accepted and loved–no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. With these steps, mental health issues among LGBT youth will most certainly decrease–but that takes determination and action from all sides of the country.

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