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“Recreation and Experiential Education is what helps set Elevations apart and what makes our kids so successful once they go home.”

-Jonathan Griffith, Recreation Director

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Biology Lessons in National Parks

The Recreation and Experiential Education Program at Elevations strives to inspire confidence and improve decision making abilities through new and challenging activities.  Outdoor activities inherently promote resilience and emotional regulation; traits that are essential for positive youth development.  Integrated skills progressions give students the opportunity to learn new activities rather than simply being exposed to them and promotes a true sense of accomplishment.

 Recreation helps the therapeutic process

The Recreation and Experiential Education Program addresses the adolescent needs for physical, emotional and mental outlets through structured physical fitness, outdoor education, experiential education, community service learning and leisure education opportunities. These programs are available to all residents and are intended to support treatment goals set forth by participants treatment team. Regular consultations with the clinical team and medical staff ensure that the resident’s needs are being met along with a high standard for safety in all activities.


The structure of the program is as follows:

Physical Fitness Programming –  Structured physical fitness activities occur 7 days a week for at least an hour a day. Activities include yoga, aerobics, weight training, individual and team sports along with basic circuit exercises.

Outdoor Education & Leadership – These activities occur weekly and are rooted in progressive skill sets that are implemented during organized activities. Ski touring, alpine skiing & snowboarding, rock climbing, canyoneering, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, backpacking and the likes are all incorporated depending on the specialty of the instructors.

Experiential Education – These activities occur quarterly either on campus, during parent seminars or at the ropes course. The intent of these activities is to address specific needs of the participating group. Activities may involve the whole team, select individuals or specialty groups.

Community Service Learning – These activities occur quarterly and are intended to help the resident overcome stereotypes and contribute to needed projects in the community. Activities are often related to the environment, recreation resources and community education.

Leisure Education – These activities occur quarterly and are focused on pro-social activities in the community. Often, these activities are nothing more than what a normal adolescent would do for leisure. Community events, movies, sporting events, and going out to eat are examples of how this component is implemented.

Clubs – These activities occur on a weekly basis and are designed to give students the opportunity to choose and participate in something that they like. Clubs run for approximately 8 weeks and skills growth or learning is progressive. Examples include running, swimming, music, automotive repair, wilderness survival skills, football, triathlon training, soccer, bouldering, volleyball, and strength training.


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