Repairing Family Relationships to Combat Teen Drug Experimentation

Arizona’s governor, Doug Ducey, is trying to combat substance overuse in teens with a different tactic: repairing family relationships. The family can be an extremely helpful and life-shaping support system if it works properly, that’s what the governor is trying to harness and give to students. A local Arizona news station covered how the initiative works towards repairing family relationships and combating substance overuse in teens.

How this initiative works

Gov. Doug Ducey stated:

“The best way to treat addiction is to get ahead of the problem and prevent it. Bringing families together and educating them about the realities of substance use is one of the best ways to do that.”

And research agrees with Ducey. Individuals with their family involved and offering support are much more likely to succeed than those without–this is why repairing family relationships is so important. Substance overuse has a way of tearing a family apart, but it’s certainly not permanent, even though the damage feels like it could last forever. Through the right programming and therapy, a family can become one again. The governor’s office understands the importance of family.

Parents often don’t know how to talk to their children about substance overuse, which makes it hard to prevent it. In this new workshop, parents gain the tools and skills to talk to their children effectively about the dangers of drugs. By having respect for one another and clear rules, the chance of a teen getting involved with drugs goes down. Teens are usually just told not to do drugs without much explanation–this helps parents explain clearly and effectively. These skills aren’t just helpful for substance use prevention, they’re good for most problematic teen situations: sex, hanging out with the wrong crowd, not doing homework, etc.

By repairing family relationships and building trust and respect between family members, life becomes a little easier for the whole family.

Elevations works on repairing family relationships

Elevations RTC is a residential treatment center for teens, ages 13 to 18, grappling with anxiety, depression, substance use, ADHD, and other emotional or behavioral issues. We strive to help our struggling students succeed and move towards a brighter future.

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