The 5 Peaks of Success at Elevations RTC

PEAK I: Relationship Driven

residential treatment facilityEvery aspect of Elevations, a residential treatment facility for teens, is driven by a relationship model where we seek to repair family and peer relationships. With our community based approach we demonstrate respect, accountability, and high standards among students, staff, and families back home.  Through hands-on workshops, a diverse all gender campus, a caring staff, adventure therapy, and aftercare support we can help your teen developing the skills necessary to build strong relationships and be successful in any situation life may throw their way.


Oftentimes, by the time you are looking at a residential treatment facility like Elevations RTC, your family life has become disrupted to the point where you’re no longer sure what to do. We want to help you begin to repair and restore the family in the following ways:

  • Family Therapy. Because most of our families do not live nearby we provide families with weekly family Skype therapy sessions to talk through the difficulties you are experiencing. We also hold parent seminars semi-monthly with an additional orientation seminar held within the first six weeks where parents and their child work with other families and professional staff to further explore and understand both the underlying and overt problems you may have been or are currently struggling with.
  • Visits. We recognize that part of the change process includes spending time with your child and in coordination with your child’s treatment team we can help assist the family in being able to have on campus visits, local off campus visits, local overnight visits, and home visits that will provide everyone with an opportunity to gain the most out of their time together.



Our residential treatment facility has a strong Peer Culture Model which is designed to provide support and feedback to your child from their peers.  In this environment, peers tend to communicate and relate to each other in a manner that is different from their relationship and interactions with a therapist, parent, or other adult.

Co-ed Peer Setting allows our program to give your child the ability to work on the differences that come with male and female interactions. Our school is all gender and as your child moves through the program they are provided increased situations to enjoy all gender activities.



Our Staff is what makes Elevations great. The staff works closely and collaboratively as a team and translate this caring and team atmosphere to students.  The staff helps to foster our relationally driven approach by being there for students whenever they need them. We have a low staff to student ration to ensure that your child gets the help that they need.

PEAK II: Therapeutic


Elevations, a residential treatment facility for teens, provides a highly professional, therapeutic program which is supported by our on-staff board certified psychiatrists, psychologist, and licensed counselors. Our team can support emotionally and medically complex teens in a warm, therapeutic, atmosphere. The clinical care provided relies on Evidence Based Practices which are well-documented, effective approaches to treatment. Individual, group, and family therapy are provided by masters or doctoral level clinicians.

Full Service Clinical offerings

Our diverse expertise enables us to help students with a variety of needs to improve outcomes. Highlights of our clinical program include:

  • 25+ hours of weekly clinical and therapeutic services,
  • Expertise in ADHD, executive functioning and trauma work utilizing Trauma-Focused CBT, Substance Use, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Art Therapy.
  • Elevations residential treatment facility offers 6-8 on-site Parent Seminars per year.

On-Site Psychiatrists for Better Care

Our psychiatrists are on campus and part of our Elevations Team. They are not contractors who show up periodically. Our psychiatrists are different than seeing a traditional psychiatrist because they:

  • Observe students in academic, residential, and other clinical settings for a better diagnoses and treatment plan.
  • Make calls to families, sit in on family sessions, and offer a level of support that is unrivaled at other residential programs.

Easing Concern with 24/7 Nursing Staff

With available 24/7 nursing care we have a better sense of every student’s medical needs and can offer the highest quality care, safety, and comfort. We also maintain a low staff to student ratio of 1:5 which allows for greater access to staff when students need them and allows staff to be more available for your teen.

PEAK III: Engaging

elevations-peak3Whether it’s kayaking in Capitol Reef, biking in Bald Mountain, or hitting the slopes in Park City, Elevations offers amazing opportunities for students to experience clinically supported adventure therapy. Our adventure therapy programs have helped our teens in the following ways:

Improving self-confidence
Building relationships with friends, peers, and instructors
Providing a physical and mental outlet through structured physical fitness and outdoor education.
Creating a lifelong desire to incorporate fitness and activity into daily life
Activities to build confidence and improve moods

Elevations includes fields, volleyball, full gymnasium, climbing wall, library, and a renowned art program. All of these work together to provide students healthy outlets. Plus, studies show active teens are more likely to have better outlook and moods.

Although we have a great campus with separate classroom building, offices, and residences, all students look forward to the opportunity to explore the area and get off campus. We enjoy all sorts of local activities and even have longer off-campus trips every other month. It’s a great way for us to see the progress students are making outside the normal day-to-day setting.

Seeing beyond oneself

We do service work outside of Elevations. This service work is designed to build self-respect and a helping attitude in our students. Service also helps our students see outside themselves and gain invaluable perspective.

Experience the splendor of Utah at our residential treatment facility

For those unfamiliar with our location outside Salt Lake City, Utah offers a wonderful array of activities including hiking, biking, climbing, camping, and skiing. This beautiful area is right outside our front door and we take advantage of it.

Elevations students go to Bryce Canyon, Moab, Zion, and Snow Basin. Camping trips are provided every other month for 3-5 days. We go to national forests and parks on our camping trips and adventure based excursions. Our goal is to allow the students to:

Get outside, away from campus.
Challenge our students to find new activities that they love and new outlets for their energy.
Physical, emotional, and mental outlets

Through structured physical fitness, outdoor education, experiential education, community service learning and leisure education opportunities, we support treatment goals set forth by each student’s treatment team. Regular consultations with the clinical team and medical staff ensure that the student’s needs are being met along with a high standard for safety in all activities.

PEAK IV: Valuable

elevations-peak4At Elevations residential treatment facility, we know that there is no price that you can put on the success and happiness of your child.  It is our job to provide you with the best value for your investment. By offering high quality clinical care, a rigorous college prep academic program, confidence building adventure therapy, a real life all gender environment, and a supportive staff we know we can lay the groundwork to prepare your teen for a bright future.

Accredited Approach

Elevations, a residential treatment facility, has leading accreditations including the Joint Commission (JCAHO), AdvancED/NWAC and the Utah Department of Human Services which help ensure our policies and procedures remain at the highest standards.

Highest Quality Care

With psychiatrists and medical professionals on staff and a part of the team, with masters and doctoral level clinicians and leadership, licensed teachers, and experienced and passionate staff Elevations offers a mix of know-how and experience you won’t find elsewhere.

College Prep focused Academics

With a focus on real world, college preparatory academics and study skills, graduating students are able to smoothly transition to academic life at a university or college.

At Elevations, we provide college placement assistance that helps with applications, as well as one-on-one assistance with common application admissions essays. Along with this, we offer SAT prep and testing on-sight as a certified SAT test center and can provide to 1:1 SAT tutoring as well. Recently, we’ve had graduates go to Penn State, NY Institute for Art, and the University of Colorado.

Safe, secure, and Successful

The all gender environment is staff secure, and the staff provide modeling and coaching with the opposite gender. Elevations, a residential treatment facility for struggling teens, offers 24 hour supervision, a low staff to student ratio, and an environment where students are an integral part of the culture and their success.

All-inclusive, no hidden fees.

Student interaction with the psychiatrists and medical staff are much greater than other programs which helps create better outcomes. All of these services are included with tuition. In addition, our engaging activities such as camping and skiing are included as well. When comparing Elevations to other programs, be aware most programs will charge additional fees for psychiatric appointments above and beyond the monthly tuition. Elevations is truly all-inclusive.

PEAK V: Future Oriented

elevations-peak5Every parent worries about their child’s future.  At Elevations, a residential treatment facility for teens, we can help your teen find their path to success for college and beyond.

A Real School Setting for better focus

Our modern building offers a traditional school setting that is separate from the dorm and community areas. This provides students with a normalized school environment. We feel this helps because of the following:

  • This offers minimal distractions to a student’s academic growth and progress.
  • It creates an academic environment similar to what you’d find at leading traditional boarding schools.
  • It allows our students to interact with the opposite gender.

These interactions occur in a “real world” all gender environment. Studies and experience show that mixed gender in the classroom can improve achievement while still teaching about building positive relationships with the opposite gender.

Results-driven College Preparation

Our curriculum is fully accredited, ensuring credits transfer after a student’s stay at Elevations residential treatment facility. All teachers are licensed. Plus, every teacher is clinically trained with intensive sessions on ADHD, depression, and so on to ensure greater understanding and ability to help every child find success.

Your teen is set up for success:

  • Classrooms are typically 6 – 8 students for every teacher.
  • We have a college placement person that helps with applications, and our English teacher provides one-on-one assistance with common application admissions essays.
  • We do SAT and ACT prep and testing on-sight as a certified SAT test center. We can provide to 1:1 SAT tutoring as well.

Elevations residential treatment facility offers career planning, credit recovery, cumulative transcript preparation, and a skill-based advisory period where students learn skills such as note-taking, researching, media literacy, reading comprehension, organizational strategies, and self-advocacy.

Finding the right next step

From day one, we are preparing our students and families for when they leave, regardless of next placement – home, step-down, or traditional boarding school. The treatment plan includes goals that set up the student for success in the next setting.

After leaving Elevations residential treatment facility, students are able to maintain communication with their primary therapist for up to 12 weeks.

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