Sarah, 16, California

Sarah, 16, California

Teens need freedom, to feel like they can control their own lives and make their own choices. Facilitating change while offering a high level of freedom and a high level of supervision takes a delicate balance. Sarah joined us after the rigid rules of four different treatment programs left her with an even rockier relationship with her parents, lost time, and a great deal of money spent on schools that unfortunately only exacerbated her struggles.

Choosing a program can be a real challenge. How ridged should a program be? Should you choose all gender or single sex? How much freedom should a child have to make their own choices while at an RTC? Elevations staff and administration has had years of experience finding these answers and has created a program where even the most independent child gets the support she needs in order to answer the toughest questions.

“I have been at Elevations for four and a half months and before this I had been to four different treatment programs, all of them were ‘Girls Only’.  Part of my success at Elevations comes from the Coed aspect of the program.  Elevations being all gender and the level system here allows me to have more freedom, like I am working towards something.”

The level system here is also an important factor to creating lasting change and helping students to take ownership and work towards success. Students get the chance to work their programs as fast or as slow as they like. Most other RTCs have time requirements and may withhold privileges for months at a time.  Elevations is different, we are focused on helping students grow and work towards goals.

Moving up in the level system can offer students the opportunity to go snowboarding in Park City, mountain biking on the amazing trails outside of Salt Lake City, and attend cultural events in the city. The level system also helps students earn privileges such as “clubs”.  In clubs students have a chance to build memories and friendships that last a lifetime. This is a great outlet to build skills and interests that put positive extracurricular activities in the forefront of students’ lives and in return this makes the transition home much easier on families.

“I enjoy the clubs here, one of my favorite memories at Elevations was a Flash Mob dance we did in the cafeteria. It was really fun and will always stick out in my mind.  I really enjoy Dance and in being here I have been able to overcome some of the issues around being accepted. I have made a lot of friends at Elevations and no longer worried about being accepted.”

Clubs and a flexible level system give students the power of independence and the chance to make lasting changes.

“At Elevations I finally decided I wanted to make a change. I decided I wanted to make a change for myself and unlike other programs I wasn’t just going through the motions and pretending.”

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