SavingsTeens Partners with Elevations RTC

SavingTeens Offers Hope to Families in Need

Elevations RTC proud to announce that they are working with SavingTeens to  help families who are in need. Just recently,  SavingTeens announced that they had awarded their 12th scholarship this year to a family who had a struggling child.  This scholarship, along with a generously discounted tuition from ElevationsRTC, family participation, and services from both Connie Wood and SUWS Carolinas helped this family be able to get the help that they need. Along with SavingTeens ,we would like to thank Connie Wood, and SUWS Carolina for being able to allow us to help a family during this challenging time.

Saving teens is an organization designed to help families and teens, especially those that are struggling with emotional and behavioral problems due to anxiety, depressions, and risky behavior. Saving teens works in close collaboration with the therapeutic community, and provides financial and other support to families of teens in crisis. You can find out more here at their website.

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