Starting the New Year off right: Helping your teen make positive goals for the New Year

Setting unattainable New Year’s resolutions is something most people do. For teens who have limited time and financial resources, New Year’s resolutions are even harder to achieve. Helping your teen set positive goals for the New Year can help them start the year out on the right foot.

Positive goals for the New Year

When the ball drops on New Years, the ball should not drop on your teen’s New Year’s goals. A lot of the time, resolutions are based around getting rid of something negative in our lives. For example, resolutions may revolve around losing weight (because we think we are overweight) or getting rid of toxic relationships. Instead of looking at these topics in a negative light, help your teen set positive goals for the New Year.

positive goals

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These positive goals may be based around:

  • Improving self esteem: Many teens feel like they don’t live up to the beauty standards they see in the media and through their friends’ online “selfies”. Instead of your teen making a resolution to lose weight in the New Year, they could make a goal of feeling better about who they are as an individual. They could fill their room and locker with inspirational quotes that boost their mood and self esteem throughout the day.
  • Putting money away into savings: If your teen has a part-time job after school, a great New Year’s resolution for them is to start putting away part of their paycheck into a savings account for future use. That’s a good habit to establish early on.
  • Getting involved in the community: One of many positive goals for the New Year could be getting involved in volunteer work. Giving back to the community can improve your teen’s sense of responsibility and can really boost their mood.
  • Trying new things: This is the time for your teen to explore new activities in their life. Encourage them to try a new hobby or sport. If they don’t like whatever they try, they can just move on to the next thing.

Elevations RTC can help

If your teen is struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges even after setting positive goals, consider sending them to Elevations RTC, a residential treatment center for teens ages 13-18.

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