A Step for Transgender Youth: First US Transgender Senate Candidate

The Huffington Post recently published an article discussing a large leap forward for transgender youth–her name is Misty K. Snow. If elected, Snow will be the first transgender person to be elected to the US senate–she would also be the first millennial to be elected to the US senate. People are saying that her winning the Democratic nomination in Utah shows that we’ve come very far forward in understanding and accepting transgender youth.

Setting an example for transgender youth everywhere

Snow is setting an example for transgender youth everywhere. We’re in a very tense time with transgender issues often in the spotlight, which can make many young transgender people feel under scrutiny or even more different than everyone around them. Snow is showing transgender youth across the country that they can achieve great things and reach their dreams if they work for it.

Though there is still a ton of ignorance and misunderstanding surrounding transgender issues, Snow’s nomination is a sign that things are moving forward. Yes, we have a long way to go as a nation, but this is an amazing step forward–it’ll be an even more amazing step forward if she gets elected.

Helping your child understand transgender issues

The only way transgender people will become more accepted and understood is by educating our youth and ourselves about them. We need to explain what being transgender means to our country’s youth–and we, as parents, need to also seek out explanations of our own instead of judging without substance.

Many transgender youth attempt suicide early on because they feel excluded and alone–we can help this by making sure every child knows they have someone that will support and help them in difficult times. Hopefully, Snow’s story of success will inspire other transgender youth to come forward and work towards their dreams.

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