The Importance Of Staying Sober During The Holidays

A photo of a Christmas present underneath a Christmas tree with a small cup of hot cocoa, that belongs to someone who is staying sober, sitting next to it.

The holiday season is here, and many have displayed holiday decor in residential and commercial spaces, bringing surrounding neighborhoods to life. People all over the country are hustling and preparing for the festive season’s activities.  Family members and friends are cementing plans for the night ahead and anticipating their holiday break. For many, this is…

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How Trauma Impacts Teens

Elevations RTC is always looking into more ways to help treat their students who have PTSD.

Going through trauma at any age can be highly challenging. Teenagers usually have one of the toughest times dealing with trauma and its impact on them. With so much else changing around them, it can be daunting.  Figuring out how to cope with the trauma and start living a healthier life is a massive focus…

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Why Alcohol Is A Problem For Teens

Elevations RTC recognizing Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcohol and teens should not mix. Underage drinking laws make alcohol consumption illegal before a person turns 21. However, young people are known to drink anyway.  It is a serious public concern in the US because it threatens everyone’s health and safety. Drinking is bad for adults and even worse for teenagers. It’s time to…

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How Gratitude Can Boost Your Mental Health

Flower that expresses gratitude

It is easy to get overwhelmed in a world of increasing stress and uncertainty. The past few years alone have resulted in sweeping changes that left many wondering about their future. People need to take care of their mental health to keep their peace. The good news is that everyone has access to a powerful solution…

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Male Friendships: The Struggle to Make Friends

Studies Show Male Friendships Are Harder to Maintain The New York Times recently released an article discussing various studies that have shown the impact of friendship on the longevity and quality of life. The studies revealed that family relationships had little if any impact on life expectancy, but friendships increased life expectancy by as much…

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The Stigma of Mental Illness: Is It Making Us Sicker?

stigma of mental illness

The Stigma of Mental Illness is Isolating People Suffering with Mental Illness A recent article by Psychology Today discussed the negative effects the stigma of mental illness could have on people struggling with mental illness and society as a whole. Research suggests that the majority of people have negative attitudes and stereotypes towards people with…

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Why ‘Thinspiration’ Is an Issue: Eating Disorders in Teens

eating disorders in teens

The media is saturated with images of beautiful celebrities with perfect, stick skinny bodies. When teens look at these celebrities, they want to see themselves. Sometimes they’ll do just about anything to make themselves look “perfect.” This can come in many forms – makeup, hairstyles, fashion. But sometimes it can come in the form of an eating…

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Teen Bullying Can Lead to Adult Depression

teen bullying

According to a new study published in the BMJ medical journal, being the victim of teen bullying can lead to a higher risk of developing adult depression. The study was conducted on a group of more than 6,500 participants, ranging in age from 13 to 18, who had been victims of teen bullying. In another study…

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