The Importance Of Staying Sober During The Holidays

A photo of a Christmas present underneath a Christmas tree with a small cup of hot cocoa, that belongs to someone who is staying sober, sitting next to it.

The holiday season is here, and many have displayed holiday decor in residential and commercial spaces, bringing surrounding neighborhoods to life. People all over the country are hustling and preparing for the festive season’s activities.  Family members and friends are cementing plans for the night ahead and anticipating their holiday break. For many, this is…

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Reasons Your Teen is Struggling in School

We look into ways parents can help their teens through school and how to deal with different dynamics within a school.

Parents dealing with a teenager struggling in school can quickly become frustrating, and knowing how to approach their teen is crucial. They know something isn’t right, but figuring out the recipe to success is easier said than done. Communication is vital in this issue, as knowing what to say and how to say it usually…

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5 Ways To Improve Communication With Your Teenager

Talking To Your Teen Can Make A Huge Difference When a parent is trying to guide their teenage child away from poor choices and towards the right path, one of the most important things they can do is emphasize open communication. If you can keep the lines of communication open, it will give you a…

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