Reasons Your Teen is Struggling in School

We look into ways parents can help their teens through school and how to deal with different dynamics within a school.

Parents dealing with a teenager struggling in school can quickly become frustrating, and knowing how to approach their teen is crucial. They know something isn’t right, but figuring out the recipe to success is easier said than done. Communication is vital in this issue, as knowing what to say and how to say it usually…

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How Trauma Impacts Teens

Elevations RTC is always looking into more ways to help treat their students who have PTSD.

Going through trauma at any age can be highly challenging. Teenagers usually have one of the toughest times dealing with trauma and its impact on them. With so much else changing around them, it can be daunting.  Figuring out how to cope with the trauma and start living a healthier life is a massive focus…

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How Music Can Improve Mental Health

A picture of a record player by a window used to help improve mental health

Most people look at music as one of the most powerful influences. It is an instant mood changer for most, and it balances out the highs and the lows that people may go through daily. From a mental health standpoint, more and more people understand how much it can improve someone’s mental state. Regardless of…

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Smaller Class Sizes: A Solution for Teen Social Anxiety

A teenager struggles with social anxiety

Social anxiety in teenagers is a mental disorder that can easily go undiagnosed but can have serious repercussions on a teen’s school performance, relationships, and can lead to depression. One of the ways to combat social anxiety in teens is by encouraging smaller classroom sizes to promote individual learning and reduce peer pressure. What is…

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Research Begins to Explain Adolescent Impulsive Behavior 

adolescent impulsive behavior

Everyone makes bad decisions, adults, adolescents, it’s not uncommon to choose the wrong path every once in a while. According to a recent article by The Atlantic discussed new research that studied why the brain leads to adolescent impulsive behavior and making bad decisions. Recent Experiments on Impulsive Behavior In a recent experiment, Paul Glimcher,…

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Three Ways a Residential Treatment Facility Builds Better Relationships

residential treatment facility

A residential treatment facility often works with individuals to help them create long-lasting changes in their life. While many people would assume that the sole purpose of a residential treatment facility is to provide personal growth, they also put a significant emphasis on bettering participant’s relationships. Our relationships with family and friends, if positive, can…

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Accredited Academics at Elevations Residential Treatment Center

Some residential treatment centers focus on academics while others apply less emphasis. As a struggling teen, remaining on an academic path can be an essential part of their future wellbeing and success. At Elevations RTC, a residential treatment center for teens ages 13-18, our accredited academic program is devoted to providing students with the most comprehensive, personalized, and…

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The Role of Art Therapy in OCD in Teens 

OCD in teens

A recent article by Psych Central discussed the role of art therapy in OCD in teens. Generally, treatment for OCD in teens consists of Exposure and Response Prevention. It follows a specific protocol that is followed closely by a trained therapist. However, many sources are starting to support the use of Art Therapy techniques being…

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Coping with Depression: 5 Strategies

coping with depression

5 Strategies to Boost Self-Esteem & Coping with Depression Depression and low self-esteem often go hand-in-hand. When an individual is suffering from symptoms of depression, it can be difficult to feel confident or value ourselves. This can make coping with depression extremely difficult and discouraging. If we don’t feel confident in ourselves, we most likely…

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