Parents May Need Therapeutic Support If Their Teen Is In Treatment

Parent receiving therapeutic support

For teens undergoing residential treatment, we can’t stress the importance of parents having their therapeutic support enough. Whether your child is receiving help for an emotional disorder, substance use, mental health problems, or another underlying issue, Elevations RTC can bring comprehensive support to the whole family.  Today, we’ll discuss the various resources, therapy, and support…

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Smaller Class Sizes: A Solution for Teen Social Anxiety

A teenager struggles with social anxiety

Social anxiety in teenagers is a mental disorder that can easily go undiagnosed but can have serious repercussions on a teen’s school performance, relationships, and can lead to depression. One of the ways to combat social anxiety in teens is by encouraging smaller classroom sizes to promote individual learning and reduce peer pressure. What is…

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FDA Approves a Device to Help Teen Heroin Addiction

teen heroin addiction

The Fight Against Teen Heroin Addiction Being a teenager can be a confusing and difficult time. Peer pressure often leads to teens feeling divided between a path of right or wrong. Sometimes our friends don’t have our best interest at heart or have fallen down a dangerous path. Heroin and opioid addiction is a frequent…

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Memorial Day: A Dangerous Holiday

Memorial Day is Within the Top 6 Most Dangerous Holidays of the Year Holidays are always an exciting time of the year to look forward to. You get to take a break from your everyday responsibilities like school or work. Many holidays are a means of relaxation or celebration with your closest relatives or friends.…

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