Collaborative Elevations Team


Our talented, experienced team collaborate with each other on a daily basis. They form a community unto their own, constantly working to improve the academic, therapeutic, and living experiences of our students.

Students and parents are an important members of our overall team. Everyone works together to create the best, most transformative experience possible for struggling teens.

Elevations Leadership Team

Executive Director

Judi Jacques

L.C.S.W, Clinical Director

Jennifer Wilde

Medical Director

Dr. Michael Connolly

Admissions Director

Laura Burt

Clinical Director

Jordan Killpack

Elevations Admissions Team

Admissions Director

Laura Burt

Admissions Coordinator

Tamra Foy

Admissions Counselor

David Hoehne

Elevations Clinical Team

Executive Clinical Director

Jennifer Wilde

Clinical Director

Jordan Killpack

LCSW, Primary Therapist

Matt Seelos

CPCI, Primary Therapist

Kim Williams-Redmond

LMFT, Primary Therapist

Jennifer Maddock

LCSW, Primary Therapist

Ryan Faust

LCSW, Primary Therapist

Anna Chauncey

MAEd, Primary Therapist

Chad Stark ACMHC

CMHC, Primary Therapist

Phyllis Tronrud

Primary Therapist

Peter Brickey, LMHC

Medical Staff

Nursing Supervisor

Cynthia Byerly

Medical Records

Sue Colgate


Jeff Ryan

Registered Nurse

Jan Sewell

Nurse Practitioner

Laurie Crookston

Medical Director

Dr. Michael Connolly

Admin Staff

HR/Operations Director

Brandi Fox

Accounts Payable

Lynne Rees

Business Office receivable

Jana Randall

Elevations Residential Team

Program Director

Eric Flores

Milieu Staff

Jackie Edelman

Night Staff

Patricia Allen

Green Team Director

Jamie Clapier

Milieu Staff

Julie Clark

Milieu Staff

Carrie Fritz

Milieu Staff

Jill Fulmer

Dietary Staff/Kitchen Supervisor

Kimi Germer

Night Staff

Jeff Jensen

Social Media/ Milieu Staff

Brittany Knighton

Milieu Staff

Becca London

Orange Team Director

Heather McKay

Night Staff

Jennifer Mormon

Milieu Staff

Evan Nelson

Night Staff Supervisor

Danny Spaulding

Milieu Staff

Colby Taylor

Night Staff

Shannon Thurgood

Milieu Staff

Nicole Wardell

Elevations Recreation Team

Recreation Director

Jonathan Griffith

Recreation Guide

Joe Ballent

Elevations Academic Team

Dean of Students

Jen Capellen

Special Ed Coordinator/English Teacher

JaLane Donaldson

Science Teacher

JoAnn Thomas

PE Teacher/Health and Wellness Coordinator

Logan Kupitz

Math Teacher

Ryan Mortensen

Our depth of experience is what makes Elevations one of the more unique residential treatment centers.  Many of our staff have worked together for many years.  We have a special bond that creates a special community feel.