Teen Bullying Can Lead to Adult Depression

teen bullying

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According to a new study published in the BMJ medical journal, being the victim of teen bullying can lead to a higher risk of developing adult depression. The study was conducted on a group of more than 6,500 participants, ranging in age from 13 to 18, who had been victims of teen bullying.

In another study based on 20 years of data, released by the Duke University Medical Center, it was found that those bullied as teens grew up with an increased risk for developing other mental disorders, such as anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies. This exemplifies the need to spread awareness about the damaging effects of teen bullying.

Where does teen bullying happen?

In a study, conducted by the George Washington University, most bullying tends to happen in places with the least structure and least supervision by adults. This includes places like the bus, bathrooms, cafeterias and more recently, online. Cyberbullying has become a larger issue with the growth of internet-use.

Signs that your child might be a victim of teen bullying

It’s important to stay aware and conscious of the common signs of victims of bullying. Your child might not come to you and talk about it because of embarrassment or fear. A few warning signs, from the US Department of Health and Human Services, that your child might be a victim of teen bullying include:

  • Loss of interest in school, lower grades than usual or not wanting to go to school
  • Lower self-esteem, feelings of helplessness
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Abrupt loss of friends, avoidance toward social encounters
  • Lost/destroyed clothing or belongings
  • Unexplained injuries

We can help

Elevations RTC is a licensed and accredited residential treatment center that helps struggling teens, ages 13 to 18. At Elevations, we help teens struggling with multiple issues, such as depression, anxiety, substance use, trauma from teen bullying, emotional disorders and many more.

We use a combination of comprehensive psychiatric treatment and individualized care to equip struggling teens with the tools to work through their obstacles and tap into their untouched potential.

For more information on how Elevations RTC can help your child recover from issues like teen bullying, call us today .

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