Teen Cell Phone Addiction: It’s Deadly

What would make someone believe that checking their phone for a text is more important than keeping their eyes on the road? A cell phone addiction. Cell phones are a part of life, but irresponsible usage can be deadly.

What is a cell phone addiction?

A cell phone addiction is an intense need to have and use your phone constantly. As cell phones become more widely used, addiction rates go up. According to research, overuse of cell phones can make someone make irrational decisions if separates from their phone, it can also cause more risky behavior.

According to Dr. David Greenfield, founder of the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction, what makes cell phones addicting has to do with the parts of the brain associated with pleasure. Whenever you receive a notification or text, dopamine, the “happy” neurotransmitter, is released, making you want to do it repeatedly.

What are the dangers?

Cell phone addictions have the potential to negatively affect many people, sometimes in deadly ways. In a recent report, researchers found that teen deaths related to texting while driving has now surpassed drinking while driving deaths by more than 1,000.

Lawmakers are pushing more and more legislation to limit the amount of phone-usage while driving, but adolescents need to be informed on the dangers of developing an addiction to their cell phone.

How to help your teen kick their cell phone overuse

Some quick tips to try helping your teen quit their cell phone addiction:

  • Create no cell phone zones: A simple way to take the first step is to restrict cell phone use at the dinner table.
  • Make eye contact when talking: to make sure your teen is listening and engaged; keep eye contact.
  • Limit cell phone use after bedtime: Often times, adolescents will stay up all night on their cell phones due to lack of self-control, this will limit that.

If your teen’s cell phone addiction needs a larger intervention than you can provide, Elevations can help. Elevations is a residential treatment center for adolescents, ages 13 to 17, that struggle with various issues and disorders spanning from depression to technology addictions. Through proven therapeutic methods, Elevations can help your child work through their obstacles and gain control of their emotions and drives.

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