Teen Struggling with Social Anxiety? Social Media Is Making It Worse

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Can’t seem to get your teen out of the house? Do they tend to get extremely anxious in groups of people? Your teen may be struggling with social anxiety disorder.

This year, an article by the Atlantic explained the possible danger of high social media usage for teenagers. Experts said that social media was acting as a type of crutch and not allowing those that already struggle with social interaction to grow socially.

Social media and social anxiety

Oftentimes, those that have issues with social anxiety turn to social media for interaction. This gives teens the ability to interact on a very shallow level and doesn’t allow them to build deeper, lasting relationships. The teenage years are imperative for developing socially. This is why it’s important for teens with social anxiety to not completely turn to social media for their interactions with peers.

Teens are using social media as a crutch, a replacement for the in-person interactions that help them develop socially. –Tamyra Pierce

Signs of social anxiety in teens

It can be difficult to discern between your teen having a normal shyness and social anxiety. According to the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), anxiety disorders are the most common in the United States. Around 6.8 percent of Americans struggle with social anxiety disorder and it usually begins in the early teen years. This makes it imperative to know the signals of your teen developing a social anxiety disorder.

A few signs of social anxiety disorder from the National Institute of Mental Health include:

  • Anxious about meeting, talking to, or being around other people
  • Very self-conscious, gets embarrassed easily
  • Low self-esteem
  • Persistent fear others will judge them
  • Difficult time making/keeping friends
  • Sweats, shakes, or blush around people
  • Becomes nauseous, sick to stomach around people

Getting Treatment

Trying to help your child with their social anxiety disorder can be a difficult task. Many therapies, medications, and programs exist to help your family get through this rough time. If traditional therapy doesn’t seem to be helping, Elevations RTC could be the right choice.

Elevations RTC is a residential treatment center that helps teens struggling with issues such as social anxiety disorder, depression, and many more. We strive to help each and every one of our students move towards a more positive, successful path.

For more information about how Elevations RTC can help your family, call us today .

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