Teenage Vaping Popularity Driven By ‘Fun’ Flavors

Teenage vaping has recently gained immense popularity. Many parents are afraid that their children are being enticed by the nicotine in vapes, but a recent study has found that it’s the flavors that are attracting them. There are an endless amount of flavors for vapes, many of them sound fun and candy-like, such as Belgian waffle or sweet tea. PsychCentral recently reported on the details of the study and their findings.

About the study

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan. They were interested in determining specifically what’s driving the growth of vaping in teens. The discovered that teenage vaping is largely due to the “fun” and “exciting” flavors offered for vapes.

In the study, researchers got around 15,000 8th-,10th-, and 12th-graders to answer a survey about vaping. In vapes, nicotine is not a must, it can just be aerosol (vapor) that’s flavored. Around 62 percent of students reported picking the “just flavoring” option over nicotine. But nicotine wasn’t unpopular, coming in at 20 to 22 percent of students. Only about 6 to 7 percent reported using marijuana in vapes.

The reason this study is important is because it shows that we need to change the way we dissuade teens from engaging in teenage vaping. Because many of them don’t use nicotine, but the “dangers” surrounding vapes involve nicotine, warnings are probably just bouncing off these teens.

Richard Miech, the study’s lead author, stated:

“Messages aimed at curbing vaporizer and e-cigarette use among youth may not be successful if these messages center around the dangers of nicotine, given that most youth who vape do not believe they are using nicotine.”

Not enough information about effects of teenage vaping

There’s still much we don’t know about the effects of teenage vaping, which is what makes it dangerous. As long as vaping is viewed as “fun,” teens are going to be interested in it. Talk to your teen about what they think about the lack of understanding of the effects and if they’d use something they weren’t completely sure was safe–keep a discussion open, that’s the only way for your teen to start to understand the implications of using something that could be harmful.

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