The Importance Of Staying Sober During The Holidays

The holiday season is here, and many have displayed holiday decor in residential and commercial spaces, bringing surrounding neighborhoods to life. People all over the country are hustling and preparing for the festive season’s activities. 

Family members and friends are cementing plans for the night ahead and anticipating their holiday break. For many, this is the most beautiful season of the year. But for others, it can be a wintery combination of chaos and celebration, especially for those already struggling with stress.

Alcoholics trying to stay sober may not be looking forward to the upcoming holidays because they might be nervous about awkward or unwanted social situations. With much of this due to our culture, it is easy to expect celebrations to offer champagne, wine, or spiked eggnog.  

During these times, it is crucial to keep tabs on your stress levels, as many people have walked away from these situations with an addiction that can destroy relationships with others. 

Creating Memories With Loved Ones

As you may already know, celebrating and creating fond memories is difficult when you get so high or drunk that you cannot remember anything. It is also challenging when you sleep too late and wake up in misery on the morning of Christmas or New Year’s Day.

Several recovering addicts have attested to the beauty of sober holidays. Contrary to popular belief, it has been stated that being sober during the holidays is truly the best way to celebrate. 

Staying sober during the holidays sets up the opportunity to bring more meaning and purpose to the holidays. It also helps keep stress levels down and saves you a bit more money.  

Below are details of the countless benefits of remaining sober during the holidays:

1. You Will Create Superior and More Lasting Memories  

Many people who drink at these celebrations usually don’t remember much of anything the day after. But by being sober through the holidays, you can take advantage of spending time with loved ones, submerge yourself in the festivities, and have a better connection with family members and friends. 

Best of all, you will remember the memories.

2. No Hangovers 

Sober holidays are hangover free, helping your mental health and habits that make you more successful.  The festive days can be filled with more positive, enjoyable memories. Like being prepared to eat the big brunch, unwrap presents or go for a morning run.

3. Catching Up With Family

If younger kids in the family are at these holiday events, it provides an opportunity to spend quality time with them and catch up on how they are doing. More often than not, they look up to you, so how you act and what you say impacts the example they follow.

You can use this time to catch up on their lives, find out how they’ve been, and give them your undivided attention. 

4. Being Able to Remain Level-headed During Stressful Periods

As thrilling as the holidays are, there is typically some amount of stress that accompanies them.  These include budgeting, family dynamics, transportation, last-minute shopping, and group decision-making. 

However, being alcohol-free and drug-free helps you be in a healthier mindset to tackle these responsibilities and still enjoy the holidays.

Being sober enables you to acknowledge and navigate stressful circumstances with a level head. Rather than becoming angry or upset or talking over loved ones, you can assess the situation calmly and find a solution to any issue that might arise.

5. Saving Money 

When alcohol and drugs are cut out of your routine, your wallet will undoubtedly notice. These additional savings can be especially beneficial during the holidays. The $50 you saved at the bar, the $30 on a bottle of wine, and $12 for a six-pack can be used towards gifts. 

You can buy special presents for your loved ones.

6. Saving Calories

There are lots of calories in alcohol. According to the National Institutes of Health, a glass of red wine contains roughly 125 calories, and a typical beer has more than 150 calories, excluding anything mixed in with other drinks.  

By eliminating alcohol consumption during the festive season, those calories can be better allocated, like eating more goodies from the dinner or dessert table.

The power to transform your holidays into long-lasting memories is in your hands. You can make them into what is important to you: faith, family, friends, comfort, love, and recovery.

If an alcohol or drug addiction besieges you or a loved one, help is just a phone call away. Many individuals mistakenly believe that the holiday season is an inopportune time to enter an addiction treatment program; however, the holidays are among the best times. 

Mental health issues, substance abuse, and relapse typically intensify during the holiday season, as alcohol, drugs, and emotions are more abundant and sometimes more challenging to avoid. 

In actuality, addiction treatment could be the best gift during the holidays.

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