Personalized, Effective & Normalized School Experience

How Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential

We provide an academic program that is on par with the top therapeutic boarding schools and we are devoted to providing student the most comprehensive, personalized, and realistic academic setting possible.  Many of our students are underachieving, refusing school, or lost socially and academically in the school environment.

Ignoring or under-committing to academics in a residential setting would seriously damage our ability to help students therapeutically. That’s why we are committed to giving our students the best academic experience possible by focusing on the academic aspects which therapeutic boarding schools offer. We accomplish this by provide the following: 

  • Superior academic facilities specifically designed to be classrooms, not rooms that double as clinical meetings or offices.
  • Accredited teachers who provide instruction and feedback in person, not self-directed online courses
  • Typical school experience, with diverse offerings in a real-world co-educational environment.

School Achievement

  • Normalized, co-ed setting
  • School building for traditional school feel
  • Licensed teachers with formal training on teaching skills
  • In-depth personal student support
  • Accredited, college preparatory academics


College preparatory school environment


Individualized encouragement and assistance


Varied and effective curriculum

Elevations Academic Director

Meet Jen

Jen began at working at residential treatment centers in 1999 as milieu manager and a classroom teacher. in 2014 she came to Elevations as the Dean of Students. She was born and raised in Wyoming, where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Secondary Education. She is currently licensed in social studies and strives to keep students passionate and excited about furthering their education. When Jen is not working at Elevations, she loves traveling to far off destinations, being outdoors, playing sports, reading and finding the best bargains around at thrift stores and yard sales!

Advisors who guide student success

Though Elevations is a residential treatment center, their academic focus is much more in line with high end therapeutic boarding schools. Each student has a team teacher who guides the student through the academic framework at Elevations. This adviser works closely with the student to work on study skills, assure completion of homework, choose curriculum, set goals, and most importantly creates a positive relationship in and out of classroom to facilitate academic success that other therapeutic boarding schools don’t often provide.

The team teacher is an integral component in the treatment team. This teacher participates in a treatment team meeting once a week and informs the therapist, psychiatrist, recreational specialist, and medical staff specific educational concerns or successes. We feel this is one aspect that helps to separate Elevations academic program from other therapeutic boarding schools.

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