Tiffany, 17, Female

Tiffany, 17, Florida

After eight months at Elevations RTC Tiffany is at a point to where she feels like she has established herself as a positive member of the community and found resolve with her parents.

“Before Elevations I had been in and out of seven different treatment programs never having the same success I have had here. The one true difference between the other programs and Elevations is that I finally feel like I am not just a number.”

Many students come to Elevations and find a not only a new approach at residential programming, but finally find answers to their questions which other programs could not offer.  Elevations is able to create a respectful environment, and focuses on getting our students home while involving the entire family in every step of the process. The key element is repairing the bond between a student and his or her family and still keeping them on track to graduate and live a normal high school life.

“Some of me does not quite understand what clicked here but I truly love the program. My parents and I have been through a lot. I feel like they have always been there for me financially, but I never really felt connected to them before. Learning how to trust the staff at Elevations has helped me start trusting my parents and the relationship has improved. I now understand that they are not going to change for me, but I need to accept them for who they are and work on myself first.”

Program after program failed to offer Tiffany what was needed to help her and her family grow, but Elevations worked. Tiffany and her family lost six months of valuable time and resources bouncing in and out of treatment programs. There is a reason the program at Elevations was successful after all those others had failed, and it can work for your family too. If you are looking to find help for your child, Elevations should be your first call.

“Since I have been at Elevations I have started to feel like people finally care about me. Learning how to trust Elevations staff is how I learned to start trusting my parents.”

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