Understanding Teen Issues

Understanding teens is a difficult task. It’s more like trying to understand teens. From the moment your child turn 13 till adulthood they are submerged into the complex and confusing world of adolescence. If your teen is struggling with mental, emotional or behavioral problems, it is important to learn about some of the teen issues they might be facing.

teen issues

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The challenges they face within

You think trying to understand your teen is difficult? They are as confused about themselves as you are. Adolescence is a time of rapid mental, physical and emotional change. Their bodies and minds are different. Suddenly, they might feel angry at the drop of a hat. Learning how to function as teenager is like learning to walk again.

All aboard the hormone train

Girls deal with bras and menstruation, while boys deal with jockstraps and deepening voices. They are confused about there bodies and don’t know how to deal its changes. Something as small as a pimple might feel like the end of the world to them. Their self-esteem is thin and fragile. Don’t leave all the work to their friends and a Google search. Try remembering the struggles you faced as a teen and share tips and tricks with them.

I think the hardest part about being a teenager is dealing with other teenagers – the criticism and the ridicule, the gossip and rumors. –Beverley Mitchell

Welcome to the jungle

Teens not only face teen issues within themselves, but also with others. The social hierarchy of high school and middle school is like a jungle. Your child might face peer pressure, cliques, bullying and social expectations. If they don’t feel accepted at school, it’s important that they feel accepted and cared for at home. Assure them that this time of their life won’t last forever, and it will all be okay in the end.

Elevations RTC can help with teen issues

If your adolescent child is struggling with mental, emotional or behavior problems, Elevations RTC can help. Our residential treatment center fosters an environment that helps mitigate damages of teen issues.

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