Three Ways a Residential Treatment Facility Builds Better Relationships

residential treatment facility

A residential treatment facility often works with individuals to help them create long-lasting changes in their life. While many people would assume that the sole purpose of a residential treatment facility is to provide personal growth, they also put a significant emphasis on bettering participant’s relationships. Our relationships with family and friends, if positive, can be extremely important to our overall wellbeing and happiness. This is why Elevations residential treatment facility makes rebuilding and repairing relationships a top priority in their program.

3 Ways Elevations RTC is Bettering Relationships:

  1. Elevations is a top residential treatment facility. We incorporate our comprehensive focus on relationships, personal responsibility and skill development into all areas of our program. Within our program, we develop smaller communities of students based on age, gender, and shared experiences. These communities also include administrative, clinical, and academic leadership to build stronger connectivity, bonds, accountability, and responsibility. These communities help students develop roles that help them build strong, dependable relationships among peers and staff members.
  2. Elevations residential treatment facility is all gender. At Elevations we believe that it is important for students to create trusting, meaningful connections with all genders. Once teens transition home, they will have to be able to live and develop relationships in the outside world. With a all gender environment, students can begin to build healthy and positive relationships with the opposite in a safe and welcoming environment.
  3. Elevations believes that family involvement is an important part of a student’s overall success. To achieve family involvement, we provide families with transformative experiences that help engage the entire family. During youth’s journey we offer a new parent orientation, parent seminars, scheduled visits, and family therapy to help keep families active in youth’s progress.

If you’re considering a residential treatment facility, Elevations RTC may be the right fit for you.

Elevations RTC can help

Elevations RTC is a leading residential treatment center for teens, ages 13 to 18, grappling with anxiety, depression, substance use, and other emotional or behavioral issues. As a residential treatment center for teens, we try to go above and beyond other RTC’s by having not only an on-site psychiatrist, but two practitioners who see each student weekly. We also have an academic component that uses an accredited curriculum and licensed/credentialed teachers. With all of this, we strive to give each student the most efficient and beneficial experience possible.

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