Who We Help

Who We Help

At Elevations RTC, our mission is to help struggling teens identify the destructive habits that are isolating them from a life of Troubled Teens in Need of Help Can Turn Their Lives Around at Elevations RTCpurpose and fulfillment.  We offer custom treatment programs to both teens of all genders, ages 13 to 18 in a non-threatening and therapeutic environment.  Our past clients have included teens suffering from mental, social and addictive disorders that were inhibiting them from leading a normal, productive life.

Customized Therapy Plan

Through a customized therapeutic approach, we help teens who have been bullied, who suffer from low self-esteem and relationship issues.  We help those who struggle with addiction and depression, and those fighting the war against anger and resentment.  The life of a teen is a complicated one and their challenges can be as varied as the experiences they encounter.  Our clinicians and professional staff are masters of assessment and diagnosis and our success comes largely from our ability to tailor a treatment program that caters specifically to each child and the needs they require.

Struggling Teenagers Find The Help They Need at Elevations RTC

From the beginning, we have taught adolescents at Elevations to build upon their strengths and abandon self-defeating behaviors by facing their issues head on, and with the proper tools and understanding, find the strength and desire to change.  Because of our size, we are able to replicate a more “real world” social dynamic, allowing our students to learn to cope with social pressures, grown in self-advocacy and mature in many ways that cannot be easily achieved in smaller “boutique” programs. Our treatment outcomes are a true testament to the efficacy of our therapeutic model as well as the outstanding work of our skilled and passionate team.

The goal of our Admissions Team is to assist families in making the right decision for your child. As was mentioned, students who succeed at Elevations often come to us with complex clinical issues, substance use, and failures in the home and/or school.  Whatever your child is struggling with, we understand and can give you reassurance during this struggling time.  Give us a call and let us explain how our program works and more specifically, how we can help your child regain the life they are meant to be living.

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