Wilderness Therapy Alternative for Teens

Wilderness Therapy or Residential Treatment? 

The goal for all families it to help their child, but what program is right for you? Elevations wilderness therapy alternative Center has one of the top programs around.

We are here to help you make an informed decision.  Please fill out the contact form in the side bar or call us directly.

Residential Treatment Creates Long Term Change

Are you lost and confused and looking for solutions?

If your teen is acting out and you are considering a Wilderness Therapy alternative give us a call.

Elevations is a great chance to provide therapeutic support for teens while still earning credits towards graduation.  We often find teens who struggle with negative behaviors are also struggling in school.  A wilderness therapy program may have therapeutic benefits but will not help your teen graduate on time.

If you are concerned about your child’s behavior and they are struggling in school Elevations RTC is a great choice for you.  Elevations is the premier all gender residential treatment center in the United States specializing in helping emotionally and medically complex teens.

Why does Elevations have a strong reputation for its wilderness therapy alternative and helping complex teens?wilderness therapy alternative

  • Full-time Board certified psychiatrist
  • Full-time Medical director
  • 24/7 nursing on site
  • Integrated team for clearer assessments
  • JAHCO accreditation

If you’re concerned that your child has “deeper issues”…

If you don’t have a clear history of your child’s developmental history…

If you need a longer term, community-based, residential environment…

Elevations can help, call us today 

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