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Wilderness therapy as an alternative to an Residential Treatment Center

Wilderness therapy is an alternative option to a residential treatment center. Wilderness programs give struggling adolescents the opportunity to learn survival, communication, team-building, and coping skills. The serene, natural surroundings that nature provides creates the perfect setting for meaningful change. Wilderness therapy takes away daily distractions, allowing struggling teens to get in touch with themselves and reach true behavioral, emotional, and physical change.male friendships

A wilderness therapy program is a viable alternative to a residential treatment center. A wilderness therapy program offer a safe, adventurous intervention for struggling teens. Wilderness therapy uses the serene views and landscapes nature has to share in order to inspire meaningful, lasting change within adolescents.

A Wilderness therapy program usually begins their program typically by preparing clients for their wilderness experience by removing them from the environments which made it conducive for their emotional and behavioral difficulties. In this stage, clients are confronted by the natural consequences that come from their negative behaviors. They begin to learn personal responsibility for their actions, which is continued throughout the program.

The next step nurtures and emphasizes personal and social responsibility. Clients in this stage learn about the results of their own actions and how to change their actions in order to produce positive results. This stage also helps develop social skills, as teens need to interact and depend on peers and therapists throughout the wilderness therapy experience.

The final stage is the transition back into everyday life. Clients need to take the skills and tools they have learned in wilderness therapy  incorporate them into everyday life. Additionally, this stage usually involves family training, as well. This is utilized to ensure a smooth transition at home, and to help the skills clients have learned last.

Benefits of Wilderness therapy after a residential treatment center experience

The successful combination of wilderness therapy and a residential treatment center experience has been noted by multiple researchers and experts to help a young person thrive socially, overcome physical and emotional challenges, and develop a sense of empowerment in themselves and who they are.

Figuring out which wilderness program will give you the right options for your specific child and family can be a difficult and long task. We’ve carefully chosen a few programs that could help your child and family get back on track.

A partner wilderness programs that we highly recommend includes:

BlueFire Wilderness

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