Jennifer Maddock

Jennifer Maddock

LMFT, Primary Therapist

Jennifer is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who works well with complex family systems. Her training includes helping couples, families, children, adolescents and adults with a variety of presenting problems including trauma, self-harm, mental illness, mood regulation, unhealthy eating patterns, behavioral problems, foster care, and family conflict. Her specialty areas include working with struggling teens and family therapy. Her work experience includes working in public mental health, working with families and children who are involved in the foster care system or adopted, and working in residential care. Jennifer is also a certified Dialectical Behavioral Therapist.

Her philosophy for treatment is hope based, strength driven, and holistic in nature. Clients are their own best experts on their life experiences. As a client-centered therapist, she helps guide individuals to the change that they desire, but have not known how to achieve. Jennifer enjoys the great outdoors and often supports the recreational staff in attending camping trips and training for triathlons here at Elevations. She is passionate about working in this field and the joy that comes from helping people grow and change. 

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