Understanding Addiction in Teens

addiction in teens

A New Perspective on Addiction in Teens Maia Szalavitz recently wrote an article for The New York Times discussing her battle with addiction. She highlights on the two common perspectives of addiction in teens—you’re either battling a permanent mental health disorder or are a selfish criminal. She comments on the general lack of understanding most…

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Adolescent Alcohol Use: Understanding the Risks 

adolescent alcohol use

The Risks Involved with Adolescent Alcohol Use   Experimentation of drugs and alcohol have become a common thing among youth today. Adolescent alcohol use has developed into a major public health and social problem in the U.S. An article by Science Daily recently discussed new research that has found demographic factors, cognitive functioning, and brain…

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FDA Approves a Device to Help Teen Heroin Addiction

teen heroin addiction

The Fight Against Teen Heroin Addiction Being a teenager can be a confusing and difficult time. Peer pressure often leads to teens feeling divided between a path of right or wrong. Sometimes our friends don’t have our best interest at heart or have fallen down a dangerous path. Heroin and opioid addiction is a frequent…

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