6 Most Common Learning Disorders In Troubled Teens

teens playing pool togetherLearning disorders are a common issue that is almost impossible to overcome without assistance. With this in mind, we encourage you to contact us at Elevations RTC if you believe that your teen is struggling with one or more of the following problems.

1 – ADD/ADHD – These are attention based disorders that can make it difficult for a student to focus on their studies for a prolonged amount of time. Without the ability to focus, it is hard for a student to ever make any substantial amount of progress. Recently, there have been a rising number of diagnosis of this issue in teens and children. Luckily, there are a number of different medications that have proven themselves to be effective in helping with this issue.

2 – Dyslexia – This is a reading based disorder that makes it difficult for a student to read accurately and comprehend what they are reading. Understandably, this inability to read easily has a negative impact on nearly every aspect of a teen’s education and can result in them falling substantially behind. It is important that this issue be addressed as quickly as possible to ensure that this doesn’t take place.

3 – Dyscalculia – This disorder is very similar to dyslexia but instead of revolving around difficulties with reading, it involves difficulty with math and numbers. This can get in the way of academic success in many different classes.

4 – Auditory processing disorder – This problem makes it difficult for a student to process information that is given to them verbally. Because in most classes the majority of the information is communicated through lectures, a student with this disorder may find themselves retaining very little information and becoming lost easily.

5 – Visual processing disorder – Another common issue teens will have is with processing information that is presented in a visual manner. This will often mean that they will struggle in classes where much of the information is presented by writing on a blackboard.

6 – Dysphasia – This is a disorder that generally results in difficulties with language. The symptoms of this can vary from speech issues to trouble with vocabulary. Regardless, this can get in the way of a students success in many different subjects.

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