Why Alcohol Is A Problem For Teens

Elevations RTC recognizing Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcohol and teens should not mix. Underage drinking laws make alcohol consumption illegal before a person turns 21. However, young people are known to drink anyway.  It is a serious public concern in the US because it threatens everyone’s health and safety. Drinking is bad for adults and even worse for teenagers. It’s time to…

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Smaller Class Sizes: A Solution for Teen Social Anxiety

A teenager struggles with social anxiety

Social anxiety in teenagers is a mental disorder that can easily go undiagnosed but can have serious repercussions on a teen’s school performance, relationships, and can lead to depression. One of the ways to combat social anxiety in teens is by encouraging smaller classroom sizes to promote individual learning and reduce peer pressure. What is…

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Understanding Adoption Issues In Teens

Teen Adoption

As young people approach their teenage years, they begin to develop their own identity and the life skills they will use in adulthood. This often involves creating a new, separate relationship with their parents. During this phase of their development, teens that have been adopted may have issues in addition to the normal emotional and…

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5 Ways To Improve Communication With Your Teenager

Talking To Your Teen Can Make A Huge Difference When a parent is trying to guide their teenage child away from poor choices and towards the right path, one of the most important things they can do is emphasize open communication. If you can keep the lines of communication open, it will give you a…

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