Four Signs of Chronically Unhappy People

Every person has their times of feeling unhappy—but how do you know when it’s just too much? What are the signs of being chronically unhappy?

And I’m not talking about depression, which is a whole other ball game. People who are depressed fall way past the mark of simply “unhappy” and often need medical and therapeutic intervention to help them rise out of the black hole they sadly have to call their reality.

But unhappiness? Well, we’ve all been there, and some people might make it a point to be unhappy—they’re bitter, angry, or just irritated with life. Recognizing these traits may help them move forward in a better frame of mind.

Here, then, are four signs of being chronically unhappy:

  1. Concentrating On What Is Wrong With the World and Finding Nothing Right: And we know, there is plenty wrong with this space that we live in—the wars, the crime, the poverty and yes, the stupidity. But are they the only things that exist? Can we find nothing to make us smile? There is comedy, books, touching stories of generosity, children who have yet to be touched by disappointment, and the pure beauty of our surroundings, both natural and suburban. Embrace what good you can find.
  2. There Is No Trust In Anyone: I get it, I’ve had my heart broken too. There are plenty of people, including my own father, that I wouldn’t trust for a single second. But does that mean everyone? Is there no one left to give your heart and friendship to? That will keep your safety and happiness as one of their upmost concerns? Of course there is. But first, you have to let them in.
  3. Constant Comparison to Others, and Extreme Jealousy: I’ve been plenty guilty of this one. A deeply unhappy person can’t see any of their own redeeming qualities or reasons that they should be proud of themselves. But there are! I can assure you that every person you are comparing yourself to is doing the exact same thing—there are things in you that they also envy. The trick is to appreciate your own and others’ strengths, not resent them.
  4. Filling The Conversation With Complaining and Gossip: Yep, they truly go hand in hand. You complain about your own life: Work, relationships, hardships and disappointments. Then you go further by demeaning someone else with gossip about their own trials, or what you think they should or shouldn’t be doing. We do this in order to feel better about our own failures, but it certainly isn’t necessary. We can stop judging bother others and ourselves. We can let go and enjoy all of the aspects of our lives.

Make no mistake, all of us are subject to these conditions at one point or another. The important part is to bounce back from it—recognize the joy, recognize the potential of life. Only then, can you fully embrace who you were meant to be.

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