Life Isn’t Passing by: Ways Parents Can Help Their Child’s Fear of Missing Out

FoMO. It’s new, it’s real, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Short for “fear of missing out”, FoMO is a relatively new phenomenon – after all, social media has only recently become ubiquitous. Where previously connecting to the internet required a computer and patience (especially if on dial-up), today the internet is available right at the fingertips. Smartphones, tablets, voice-activated controls – everything is online. Facebook, Twitter, email, the news, and gossip are more readily available than ever; and, what’s more, they are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unfortunately, try as we might, humans cannot function in this rhythm. In many cases, not being online provides a relief from the ceaseless barrage of information. But, for some, those moments of quiet are precisely when the fear of missing out can strike. 

The fear of missing out is akin to a form of internet addiction – or, rather, the withdrawal that occurs when not online. The fear of missing out can have a wide range of symptoms and can manifest itself in many different ways. For some, the fear of missing out can be in the anxiety from not seeing a friend’s online conversation or trending video; for others, it can be in the worry that they won’t respond to a comment in a timely fashion. Or it could even take the shape of the stress of not having enough Facebook “likes” on a certain photo or post. The possibilities are endless and, given how new the problem is, have not yet been fully explored by scientists.

Residential Treatment as a Way to Battle the Fear of Missing Out

At the end of the day, FoMO and internet addiction go hand in hand. By basing their entire existence on the internet rather than real, face-to-face interactions, your child could miss out on the parts of life that really matter. Thankfully, residential treatment can help your child’s FoMO and set them back onto a healthy path. By limiting access to screens and electronics, residential treatment ensures that your child will interact with the real world. Since residential treatment provides your child with ample time to think, they will rediscover themselves; through their newly found sense of self, they can begin to repair strained or broken relationships and be prepared for their journey into the future.

Elevations Can Help

Elevations, a residential treatment center for teens struggling with depression and other emotional or behavioral issues, can help your struggling teen find success.

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