New Study Suggests Friends Inspire Wisdom, Even When Experiencing Social Struggles

Does wisdom come with age or is it something that is innate? The answer is probably both. However, a new study conducted by the University of Waterloo has found that the ways in which an individual is perceived as wise changes based on whether they are alone or with friends. The study found that people have different amounts of wisdom depending on their situation. If a teen is isolated and has social struggles, they may experience less opportunity to express wisdom.

Wisdom Defined

Everyone has a different definition of what “wisdom” really means. Many people might picture an old, wizened woman or man with years and years of experience to share. The researchers in the aformentioned study defined wisdom or “wise reasoning” as a blend of various abilities like one’s ability to understand another individual’s perspective in life, one’s ability to compromise, and “intellectual humility”. 

Friends Inspire Wisdom

According to Dr. Igor Grossman, the lead researcher in this study, “situations in daily life affect our personality and ability to reason wisely.” The observations made during the study may indicate that wisdom is more common than most people think it is. Depending on the situation, some people express wisdom more often than others. However, wisdom as we know it is constantly fluctuating. Someone can very wise one moment and not so wise the next (perhaps if they are experiencing social struggles).

The researchers found that the people they studied were more likely to communicate wiser reasoning in social situations, i.e. with friends. A significant correlation was also found between positive feelings and having what others perceive as wise reasoning. Those who were perceived as wise were also more likely to be more open-minded and more able to forgive others.

The importance of friends and wisdom

If your teen is experiencing social struggles such as having a troublemaking peer group, or struggling to make friends, it can be an extremely isolating experience. Having positive social experiences during your teens is important for your overall develop of communication skills. This study shows how much friends bring out the best in us (in this case, they make us wiser!). Teens with social struggles might need therapeutic assistance for their struggles. That’s where a residential treatment center for teens like Elevations RTC might help.

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