Building Interpersonal Skills in Co-Ed Residential Treatment Centers

interpersonal skills

Interpersonal effectiveness is one of the cornerstones of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which teaches teens how to more effectively communicate with others. Social communication has been radically transformed over the last decade, with the rise of smartphones and social media. Teens have the advantage of proofreading conversations and the option to “ghost” someone they are arguing…

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Animal Therapy and the Strong Benefits of Pets

animal therapy

  There’s a reason we call dogs a “man’s best friend.” As debates regarding the certification of emotional support animals have flooded the news recently, with stories of squirrels, rats, and monkeys attempting to board airplanes with their humans, the parameters of animal therapy have been called into question. However, mutual relationships between animals and…

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Dog Therapy: How Our Four-Pawed Friends Can Help Teens

The dog has been thought of as humankind’s best friend for thousands of years. Nearly 44 percent of households in the US have at least one dog as a pet–but have you ever thought about why? Well, it could be because canines have a way of offering us a sort of therapy–dog therapy. Studies show…

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Trouble in Math Could Mean Academic & Social Struggles in Teens

social struggles in teens

We know that social struggles in teens are caused by a multitude of factors–learning disabilities, trouble at home, bullying, you name it. This often makes it harder to prevent and treat. In a recent article by Science Daily, new research shows that teens who struggle in mathematics have a higher risk of developing further issues…

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Developing Social Behaviors in Teens

social behaviors in teens

When you think about the immune system, most people automatically think of physical health. Our immune system protects us from illness, fights off common germs, and ultimately keeps us happy and healthy. Would you ever think that the immune system actually controls your social behaviors? According to a recent article by The Atlantic, new research…

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Discussing Gender Identity with Teens

discussing gender identity with teens

  Issues with gender identity are common in teens. Many teens struggle with self-identity, which is natural at a time when teens are coming to terms with who they are. Discussing gender identity with teens can be an important part of ensuring their overall wellbeing. Teens who often struggle with gender identity feel scared, and…

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‘Life, Animated’ Tells a Story Teens with Autism Can Relate To

teens with autism

A new documentary called Life, Animated recently came out detailing the life of Owen Suskind–a young individual with autism–and his relationship with Disney. In an article by NPR, the documentary and its importance for other young adults and teens with autism is discussed. How disney transformed Owen’s life Teens with autism can have serious challenges…

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