Mood Changes in Teens: Due to Lack of Sleep

Sleep Deprivation Causing Mood Changes in Teens

With technology today, getting enough sleep can be difficult. There are constant distractions available to prevent us from getting the recommended eight hours a night. Teenagers minds and bodies are still developing until their early 20’s. To promote healthy development, they need between 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night, which is well above the normal average for adults. Lack of sleep can effect attention, mood, and daily functioning in teens. Mood changes in teens could be a result from sleep deprivation or a sleep disorder. A recent article by Psych Central discusses how the amount of sleep could be affecting mood changes in teens.

Sleeps Effect on Mood

New research finds that teens who receive insufficient amounts of sleep show a heightened level of sadness, anger, energy, and feelings of sleepiness. A poor night sleep can also set up a repetitive cycle of fluctuations in sleep and mood changes in teens. Research also found that sleep deficits are more problematic for mood changes in teens than extra sleep. Researchers believe that promoting healthy sleep among adolescents could potentially prevent the development of serious mental health problems.

The negative effects of teen sleep deprivation can create general distress. Due to this, it can actually increase issues of sleep deprivation by making it harder to fall asleep and decreasing the quality of sleep. Teens especially need a good night sleep to help their bodies and brains develop healthily. The negative effects of teen sleep deprivation can be detrimental to the overall well-being. Mood changes in teens and emotional dysregulation can interfere with teens social, school, and behavioral functioning.

A Better Understanding on the Importance of Sleep

Without efficient amounts of sleep, teens ability to function and live healthy lives becomes difficult. Mood changes in teens is common throughout adolescence, but so is teens misconception that getting one bad night of sleep is fine. Many teens today think that getting 5 to 6 hours of sleep is healthy, even good. Teens need to be educated on the chances of mood changes in teens and increased risk mental health issues due to lack of sleep.

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