Angry Teenager: A Sign of Hormones or Deeper Issues?

angry teenager

Teens are known for being moody and defiant–to an extent. For most teens, they are testing the limits of their independence and learning how to adapt to hormone changes. Anger is understood as a secondary emotion that is caused by an inability to process uncomfortable primary emotions, like fear and sadness. Your angry teenager may…

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Residential Treatment Center for Defiant Teens: Stress & Deviance

residential treatment center for defiant teens

As a residential treatment center for defiant teens, we know that teenagers face a large amount of stress in today’s world. They have to juggle their social life, grades, college prep, school sports, exams, homework, and extracurricular activities–all while going on a hormonal roller coaster ride. It’s not easy and for some teens, it causes…

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Treatment for Defiant Teens: Handling Arguments With Your Teen

treatment for defiant teens

Teenagers are hard to handle–in treatment for defiant teens, we understand this wholeheartedly. They require patience and the ability to allow insults to roll right off your back, which many parents struggle to do. With teens, life can get pretty tumultuous at times–but with a truly defiant teen, life can seem impossible. Argument after argument…

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Help for Troubled Teens: Parenting to Make Adolescence Worth It

help for troubled teens

Parenting is difficult. It’s hard. It’s wonderful. It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions and experiences–no parent will argue with you on that. It can get especially intense around adolescence, where many teens lose their way, which is why help for struggling teens exists. You’re not a failure if your teen ends up needing help from…

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Bipolar Teens At High Risk Of Substance Use: Treatment for Bipolar Disorder in Teenagers

Treatment for bipolar disorder in teenagers may be more important than ever, according to a recent PsychCentral article. Research has shown that teens with bipolar disorder have a higher risk of getting involved with substance use–and the risk can follow them into adulthood. This makes treatment for bipolar disorder in teenagers more important and possibly…

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Research Begins to Explain Adolescent Impulsive Behavior 

adolescent impulsive behavior

Everyone makes bad decisions, adults, adolescents, it’s not uncommon to choose the wrong path every once in a while. According to a recent article by The Atlantic discussed new research that studied why the brain leads to adolescent impulsive behavior and making bad decisions. Recent Experiments on Impulsive Behavior In a recent experiment, Paul Glimcher,…

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Developing Social Behaviors in Teens

social behaviors in teens

When you think about the immune system, most people automatically think of physical health. Our immune system protects us from illness, fights off common germs, and ultimately keeps us happy and healthy. Would you ever think that the immune system actually controls your social behaviors? According to a recent article by The Atlantic, new research…

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Benefits of Inpatient Therapy Programs

inpatient therapy

When choosing the best treatment option for your child, deciding whether or not to send your child to inpatient therapy can be a difficult decision. Sending your teen away to get treatment is really hard. You won’t see them everyday and you can’t keep a close eye on what they are doing during treatment. Trusting…

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Is Social Media Creating Teen Jealousy 

teen jealousy

  As a teenager, there are multiple stages of developing a romantic relationship. It’s not like the old days where you knew you were an item because they gave you their pin or Letterman jacket. In today’s culture, the multiple stages of relationships include, talking, hanging out, dating, and now there’s even being “Facebook official.”…

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Thread: Helping Struggling Teens Find Their Way

A recent article by NPR discusses a story of four guys who are working to help struggling teens and change the social fabric of their city. Chris Regan, Eric Schiffhauer, Jordan Wagner, and Jebree Christian live in Baltimore and come from a variety of different backgrounds. Chris Regan sells golf equipment online, Eric Schiffhauer and…

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